Augment your trades with TradeIV

An all-in-one trading analysis app developed from the ground up to help you make informed decisions and take your trades to the next level.


  • Watchlists, stock fundamentals, charts and recommendations
  • Trending stocks
  • Real time news
  • Stock upgrades/downgrades
  • Unusual options activities
  • Stocktwits chatter, WSB chat stream
  • Breaking news and voice alerts
  • CNBC radio
  • Sentiment AI
  • Crypto Tracker
  • Themes
  • No download needed, runs from your browser

The Market

Unusual Options Activity

    Frequently asked questions

    What platform does TradeIV run on?

    TradeIV is a browser app, this means it will work on ANY platform, all you really need is a modern browser! We are 100% optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop devices and we recommend you to add our site to your phone's full screen and it will automatically act like a traditional app.

    What are unusual options and how can it help my trades?

    Unusual options orders are big option orders placed by big institutions or wealthy investors also known as "Smart Money" investors. Our scanner will catch these orders in real time and deliver this information to you. The phrase "Follow the smart money" means if we place the same bet as someone who just placed a million dollar order for example, then there's high likelyhood that the person knew something we don't (insider) or they were anticipating an event with large probability of winning, either way, you have higher chance of making a return on your bet if you follow the smart money.

    Why does TradeIV have limited window width?

    Our app was designed to be a trading assistant tool that should be docked to the side of your window, that way you can focus the majority of your attention on your brokage platform.

    How much does TradeIV cost?

    We offer a free version of our app for all of our users right now, all we're asking is for you to help us spread the words :)